Crowd Involved Marketing
To Improve Marketing Effectiveness for Businesses.

To Create Opportunities for People.
Complement Paid Advertising that tends to Get Cold Shoulders..
Traditional Advertising or Anything that Outright tries to Promote or Sell something, gets more cold shoulders. We seek to complement, improve paid advertising to perform better for businesses.
Fundamentals of Marketing base on Context, Connection, Relevance and Trust..
Technology and any Specific Platform or Way of Audience Targeting, at it's best, has practical limitations in being able to Nail these Essentials of Targeting and Marketing.

We seek to improve the scene, by bringing the Human Factor and involve People, Crowd to Improve Marketing Effectiveness on Top of Technologies, Means & Platforms..
Doing Marketing with Cost Effectiveness, Control on Costs and within Budget is Critical for Businesses of all sizes..
Conversion Rates of 1 to 4% through Social, Direct, Search, Email and Pay Per Reach, Impression or Click models make brands Ever-Longing for More and are Prohibitive for Startups, SMEs - ironically for those that are the backbone of a National Economy!

We set out to Innovate, Chase this Cause and Take Resolve to Make Things Better inclusively - for Brands, SMEs and People.
Our Marketing & around Marketing Solutions, Products..
With the Why of our being coming to existence - we are working and will keep working towards bringing Solutions, Products, Platforms that aims at making Marketing for Businesses of all sizes more Cost-Effective and / or more Fertile, at the same time Creating Opportunities, Value for People, Society..
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