Reach more People,
Earn mind share and find Prospects
with a

Complete your Outreach, Awareness and Lead Generation Efforts with a Crowd Referral Campaign..

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Offer an Attractive Referral Payout
To have people pay attention and mention your offerings when someone in their circles has a need of similar offerings.

Drive more Conversions by also Offering a Discount to the Buyer coming through this channel.
Decide Target Cities, Locations for the Campaign
Identify Demographic Locations which you would like to target with an Awareness cum Referral Campaign.

You get a dedicated full page Campaign hosted on our platform / properties. Go ahead and leverage this also as an opportunity to educate, showcase your target audience about your offerings.
We set up your Campaign, get it reviewed by you
We will have you covered in terms of Creating, Setting up an Optimal Campaign - including Ad Creative, Graphic Design and Copy Writing.

You can also configure your Campaign yourself by logging into your InBox.
We work on your Campaign for Reach, Visibility around the web..
Once your Campaign is published and ready to go, it's queued to our Marketing Operations daily work log.

Till this point, we have already gotten a good understanding on your Offerings, Target Audience etc. which helps us in planning and executing to give Reach & Visibility around the Web, over 3 months, including boosting it with Paid Ads in relevant platforms.
Get Best and bit of All worlds! And Best Value for Money - budget very chosen by you!
A full-page dedicated Referral Campaign linked to your website, with 1-year life, shared, amplified around the web and boosted with Paid Ads on relevant platforms, Social Media Posts, WhatsApp Broadcasts and Blog Links.. enhances your Online & Off-line Discovery through Search Engines, Social Media and Word of Mouth.

You get effects of people who see your Campaign Directly and the ones being Referred, Talked with..

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