How costing or pricing is done or what it is based on?

A. Depends on period option you choose from:
3 / 6 / 12 months

B. Number of Cities ( target cities of your Clients / Customers ).


Will the campaign only be live / active for the period chosen?

Campaign will be live for a min. 1 year period on our platform irrespective of the Purchase Period chosen.

You can renew it after 1 year with a minimal yearly charge for keeping it active on the platform for another year and so forth.


What are the durations of 3 / 6 / 12 months for, in Costing, then?

This is the the period, in which we will keep boosting your Campaign with Paid Ads on other Platforms depending on your Business / Product / Service / Target Audience and creating maximum Discoverability, Reach, Visibility etc. online through Professional Time & Effort.


Tell me more about your Costing / Pricing Structure, Rationale.

We ( our platform ) only charge a minimal “Yearly Campaign Activeness Fee” in the overall scheme from 2nd year only, if you decide to keep it running / active on the platform.

The costing or price is mostly for Paid Ads and other Online Marketing activities for your Campaign by Professionals on actuals or with no margin on Professional Services.

The cost of the involved Professional Time / Service is already the ‘Best It Can Ever Be’, by having the professional service cost shared across all campaigns / customers to create extreme value for you and everyone else.

An equation to explain our Costing / Pricing structure:

Our Price ( your 1st time Purchase Cost ) =

MAINLY (Cost of Paid Ads on other Platforms and any other Marketing Expenses on your Campaign)
MINIMAL ( Cost of Professional Time, Effort invested to have the Campaign get Max. Reach, Visibility, Impact etc. online, the cost of which is shared across customers )


Can I specify criteria, attributes of my target audience ( for potential clients / customers and people who would be more relevant to refer / for a better referral )?

After your purchase or order placement, one of our Marketing Experts would be spending Time with you to understand and strategise on the right platforms, audience, tactics and a plan for your case.


Can the cost / price be more customised for my specific case or it’s fixed by Number of Cities & Months?

We would like to learn more about your specific case and preferences and try our best to derive most from your this marketing spend.

Place a request ( at “[email protected]” ) if you believe your case can benefit more with a custom structure and costing.

Our offering / platform is born with a goal of getting the best out of Marketing Spends with a special focus on Small Businesses. Do write to us with your preferences and suggestions. We would love to hear more and listen you.