What is the product / service?

In the simplest and fundamental sense: it’s an Online / Digital Ad.

It’s same as a Normal Ad with a title, creative (image / video etc.) and description. But the Ad specifically asks for Referrals / Mentions in one’s circle, in a relevant context e.g. when someone is looking for a similar offering as yours.

You encourage, ask for referrals / mentions, by offering an attractive Referral Reward (paid on conversion).


Is the purpose of the campaign – getting Referrals only?


First of all it performs as a Normal Ad – wherein the person who sees or comes across it or being targeted, is made aware of your offering / product. If the person has relevance / need of a consideration of your offering – you got lucky!

Next, when it’s not relevant, it overcomes mass objections / cold-shoulders by an extent, for the fact that you are encouraging / asking for references / referrals. Performs better than otherwise ( e.g. Click-Through Rates of 0.05% – 0.5% – 1.0% – 2.0% etc.)

How it helps?

First of all, by linking a Cash Referral Reward, your Campaign Performs yet better on top of good content, in terms of Attention ( and people remembering it or mindshare ) which in itself is an important goal.

Next, People talk / refer / mention / tell in different and relevant contexts e.g. when someone is looking for such Service / Product / Opportunity etc. in their circles or in interactions with other people.

This helps in Spreading the Word and reaching to your Relevant Target Audience at the Most Preferred Moment – that is when someone is thinking or looking for a relevant offering or opportunity.


How does it fare compared to a Normal Ad?


Because there is a monetary reward attached on top of good content / creatives, it gets better attention / noting / stares, whether or not someone gets motivated enough to refer / mention, just for the reward.

When reward is more attractive, it stands a chance of gossips on it, as a topic of discussion.

This is certainly one of the goals of a promotional campaign – mindshare, awareness: your offering is better remembered.


More Reach for Less

When some people refer / mention, the extra reach through this word-of-mouth does not cost – unlike in otherwise Digital Ads where every impression / user / click is charged with a bidding model!


More Leads for Less

If someone who is being referred, inquires you (the brand / service provider) – it’s a Referred Lead and you have not kind of spent yet, for generating these extra referred leads.

In the case of a Normal Ad, you have spent upfront for each impression / reach / click / lead, that too in a bidding model (with lesser control on cost).


Quality Leads from Referrals

When people refer / mention, they do to the right person in an appropriate context – Referrals hit the nail, something technology can’t.


Cost on Conversion, Complete Control on Cost

When a Referred Lead converts, you will pay the Referral Program rewards – so you get Cost on Conversion cover on Extra Leads through Referrals.

Further, based on how referred leads are flowing in and converting, you can tweak your rewards any time, giving you complete control on your costs for Referred Lead Conversions.


Rippled across the web

Your Crowd Referral Campaign is shared, amplified around the web across relevant sites, blogs, online platforms, channels and boosted with Paid Ads. Leverages both human efforts and tools / platforms to provide maximum outreach possible across months, at the budget you choose.


Helps in Online Discovery

A full-page dedicated Campaign, hosted on our platform, with a long life of 1 year (renewable) or for a duration of your choice, adds to better Online Discovery of your business / offerings.

A long Campaign Life also helps in Referrals to Pick up gradually, compared to a shorter-lived Ads in Platforms, which typically do not leave footprint on the web to be discovered.


Why might someone mention / refer and Why might someone consider you as an Option through the Referral / Mention of your Services / Products by Referrer?

Referrer / Crowd:

Because there is a reward on conversion ( not everyone, but some would do beyond the interest of the reward as they remember your Campaign if they saw and there is nothing they can recommend or along with their recommendation ).

Person with a need of similar offerings as yours:

Because she has a need at the moment and may like to evaluate options. Unless she has a strong recommendation from a trustworthy connection in her circle, she will be doing her search / research considering everything without a bias.

You become an option because:

A. Someone has mentioned about you or brought to the picture – you are in options of her consideration / evaluation.

B. Because you would also give a Referral Discount to the buyer (2-Way Referral Program) who has come through this channel or referral.


Is it a Referral Program offered to Customers / Clients who already have an association or experience?

No. This is a Crowd Referral offering and is inclusive of your Customers / Clients.


Is the Crowd Recommending or Vouching?

For people, who are not your customers / clients already, it is just mentioning or sharing their awareness, their knowing of your offerings.

For your satisfied ( or not unhappy ) customers / clients, it becomes a recommendation!


Quickly List the Benefits, Features.

# Take Word-of-Mouth at scale. Engage crowd to spread the word, build up Outreach & Awareness.

# Get better attention to your Campaign / Ad by offering an attractive Referral Reward.

# You hit the Right Target ( someone having a need of offerings that you too provide ) at the right time, Through People in their Network, who know about the need or being asked of options / recommendations.

# Long Life ( 1 – 2 – 3 years) of your Campaign on the Platform. Be more Discovered Online.

# Unless Buyer has a strong recommendation from someone, you get a fair chance of consideration because of the Discount Offered to Buyer too.

# We amplify it around the web and even boost it with paid Ads on other platforms.

# Some Cost on Conversion cover – for Referred Reach / Leads.

# Your Campaign makes to Users’ InBoxes too in multiple contexts in a welcome way.

# Get more value at the same budget of running a Paid Ad in a specific platform / ecosystem. Or do things at a lower budget and cover up some (reach, leads) with Crowd’s Referrals / Word of Mouth – spend part on referral conversions. Reduce in-effective spends.


How to try one?

By dropping us an email at [email protected]


How do I know how the Campaign is Performing?

You will be provided fortnightly reports over email about reach / views / impressions / engagements, where all your campaign is cited / shared / posted including Paid Ads Performance Reports / Stats from other platforms.
You will also be able to Manage the Campaign by logging in to our platform, see performance / stats, metrics etc. as we release the features including Referrals Management down the line.


How friendly and effective is this for Small Businesses, MSMEs, SMEs with Practically No Budget / Much Relevance, Effectiveness of Paid Advertising as a Regular or even one-off Marketing Strategy?

It’s a must leverage!

1. Whether or not you have a Marketing Person / Team / Outsourced Agency on the job, you Get the Leverage of an External ( and Additional ) Marketing Team ( with Strategic & Operational bandwidth ), working for you for months, and Spreading the Word, Across the Web, on Relevant Avenues!

We become your team or part of your team.

Leverage best of both worlds, all worlds rather! Paid Ads, Word of Mouth, Online Discovery & Footprint around the Web!

2. Works at an overall lesser cost / budget than otherwise needed, for the same objective / result, off a regular Paid Campaign on a Target Platform. Or get better results at the same cost / budget.

Leverage Multiple Benefits, Extreme & Unbeatable Value for Money of the Offering, at a cost / budget of your comfort or Give it a Spin with a Trial Budget!