What is the offering?

Businesses, Solo Professionals, Organisations can launch a Crowd Referral Program or Campaign on Expertey.Net and InBox Platform, to Generate more Awareness and to Reach more People with a Service, Product, Job, Opportunity, Special Offer.


How it helps?

First of all, by linking a Cash Referral Reward, your Campaign Performs yet better on top of good content, in terms of Attention ( and people remembering it or mindshare ) which in itself is an important goal.

Next, People talk / refer / mention / tell in different and relevant contexts e.g. when someone is looking for such Service / Product / Opportunity etc. in their circles or in interactions with other people.

This helps in Spreading the Word and reaching to your Relevant Target Audience at the Most Preferred Moment – that is when someone is thinking or looking for a relevant offering or opportunity.


Why might someone mention / refer and Why might someone consider you as an Option through the Referral / Mention of your Services / Products by Referrer?

Referrer / Crowd:

Because there is a reward on conversion ( not everyone, but some would do beyond the interest of the reward as they remember your Campaign if they saw and there is nothing they can recommend or along with their recommendation ).

Person with a need of similar offerings as yours:

Because she has a need at the moment and may like to evaluate options. Unless she has a strong recommendation from a trustworthy connection in her circle, she will be doing her search / research considering everything without a bias.

You become an option because:

A. Someone has mentioned about you or brought to the picture – you are in options of her consideration / evaluation.

B. Because you would also give a Referral Discount to the buyer (2-Way Referral Program) who has come through this channel or referral.


Is it a Referral Program offered to Customers / Clients who already have an association or experience?

No. This is a Crowd Referral offering and is inclusive of your Customers / Clients.


Is the Crowd Recommending or Vouching?

For people, who are not your customers / clients already, it is just mentioning or sharing their awareness, their knowing of your offerings.

For your satisfied ( or not unhappy ) customers / clients, it becomes a recommendation!


Tell me some Benefits, Salient Features of the Offering.

# Take Word-of-Mouth at scale. Engage crowd to spread the word, build up Outreach & Awareness.

# Get better attention to your Campaign / Ad by offering an atractive Referral Reward.

# You hit the Right Target ( someone having a need of offerings that you too provide ) at the right time, Through People in their Network, who know about the need or being asked of options / recommendations.

# Long Life ( 1 – 2 – 3 years) of your Campaign on the Platform. Be more Discovered Online.

# Unless Buyer has a strong recommendation from someone, you get a fair chance of consideration because of the Discount Offered to Buyer too.

# We amplify it around the web and even boost it with paid Ads on other platforms.

# Control Cost – Pay on Outcome – Tune Offer based on performance.

# Your Campaign makes to Users’ InBoxes too in multiple contexts in a welcome way.

# Fixed Cost for Lifetime / Duration of the Campaign – is not charged by visibility, impressions, engagements, reach, inquiries etc.

# Extreme Value of The Cost (to Launch a Referral Campaign on the platform) compared to the ‘Same Amount’ invested otherwise else where across the Duration / Lifetime of the Campaign. Unbeatable Value Guaranteed!


How do I launch a Campaign on the platform?

By dropping us an email at [email protected]


How do I know how the Campaign is Performing?

You will be provided fortnightly summary report over email and can also manage / edit the campaign from your InBox, access social reactions data by logging in to your InBox.