What, When, How do i refer?

Businesses, Solo Professionals, Organisations can launch a Crowd Referral Program or Campaign on Expertey.Net and InBox Platform, to Generate more Awareness and to Reach more People with a Service, Product, Job, Opportunity, Special Offer.

People can refer ( mention, tell ) in an Appropriate or Relevant Context e.g. when someone is looking for such Service / Product / Opportunity etc. in their circles or in interactions with other people, in a welcome way.

This helps in Spreading the Word for Businesses and reaching to their Desired Target Audience at the most preferred moment – that is when someone is thinking or looking for a relevant offering or opportunity.


Am I recommending or vouching?

Unless, you already have a satisfactory ( or not unhappy ) experience or association with the Business in question, you are just mentioning or sharing your awareness, knowing about the service provider, product, job, offer or opportunity ( whatever, whoever you are referring ).


Great! When do i get paid for my Mentions, Referrals?

You get paid when the person you referred, transacts / joins / avails as the case may be ( on conversion or on the event of a desired outcome for the business / professional ).


How do i get paid and what are the formalities?

The person you referred should bring to notice to the business / professional in question, the fact that she was being referred by you.

The referral reward offeror can directly pay you ( and provide any applicable discount / reward to the person you referred, in case of ‘BOTH-PARTY Reward’ Programs ).

In some cases and in future, we expect this rewards to be credited through our Users’ InBox Account / Wallet.