Is it only Part-time, Work-from-Home / Remote Work?


For those interested in a Full-Time, Office Going Job: the same opportunity can be converted to ‘Full-Time, Office-Going’ after working couple of months remotely and on mutual agreement or preference of the same.


What is the nature of work?

To start with:
Understanding the offering(s) / product and trying couple of or few Sale Conversions through your network or bigger network.

Approaching in an organised way and being creative in targeting right prospects, prospecting and generating leads.
Cold Messages over WhatsApp
Cold Emails
Cold Calls
Follow up Calls, Calls to Explain Products / Services. Not selling oriented. More of Educating, Assisting oriented.

* Tele Calls are not mandatory / required for everyone. One may choose to do only WhatsApp / Email / Online / Social Media to reach out to Target Prospects.

There are Lead, Manager Positions, wherein one will also oversee, supervise a few members in the bigger team and assist / guide, apart from their individual reaching out to prospects.
Leads, Managers will see, make sure daily targets of reaching out is happening.


What is the timing, number of hours?

Minimum 1 Hour during day time or normal business hours is expected.
1 Hr in the window: 11am to 6pm.
This 1 Hr is the critical time of Calling or Messaging over WhatsApp.

Another 1 Hour can be anytime during the day outside the window of 11am-6pm. In this window, one can email, analyse, research, plan for next day etc.

One can choose as many hours as preferred during the window: 11am to 6pm for Calls, Messages.


How is the selection process?

Every interested member has to try closing couple of Sales through their network over first couple of weeks – your network will have few prospects.

You can ask your direct network / connections to give references of Businesses in their network.

During this period (no-obligation period), you would start with first knowing the product and who are its target users / customers, benefits, how it works etc.

This is the period where we Evaluate your Suitability in terms of Availability, Approachability, Effort, Effectiveness, Work Approach / Style, Team Work.. and take a call on:


Setting Expectations, Role (Individual / Lead), Channel (WhatsApp, Telephonic, Email, Social Media etc.)

Once you close 2 Sales from your network or bigger network or in other ways, we will get into a mutually suitable engagement model / contract.

You will receive 20% Incentive on your Sales during the no-obligation period.


What is an average monthly earning potential for a Good Performer just to get a perspective?

If you take a grading scale like: Good / Very Good / Excellent.

A ‘Good’ grade performer should be able to make INR 15k to 30k / month with 1 Hr+ Quality & Creative Efforts with a Sales / Leads / Conversion / Outcome Mentality or Focus.


Tell me more about Benefits, Pay Structure etc.

Exact Fixed Part of the Pay will be decided / offered after the first 2 weeks and if both parties wish to continue.

To give an idea: INR 6k to 30k depending on

– Number of Hrs (in 11am – 6pm window) for Core Reaching Out work

– Efficiency, Quality, Productivity ( run rate ). Also depends on: Internet Speed, Work Speed e.g. opening multiple tabs, updating file with status in case of WhatsApp Messaging/Emails from Desktop and then updating CRM end of session, Human Errors.

– Member / Lead Role, Student / Intern / Fresher / Experienced, Potential, Work Ethics

– Channel (Calls or Messaging-Emails, Both)

– Monthly Conversion Target Chosen per Associate’s Comfort. Ability to Convert / Close Sale Independently.

To justify Fixed Pay: we will also see if you can perform tasks that are not solely Sales / Conversion based.


5% on a Sale to a Prospect reached out by you through WhatsApp / Phone / Email / your Network..

Plus 5% on a Sale done by your Cold Calling.

Plus 5% on a Sale closed by you through follow-ups, briefing etc.

Leads get 3% on a Sale done by their Team Members.


Full-time, Permanant Employment Offer, down the line, if interested. Works great for Students, People on a Temporary Break.

Option to migrate domain, choose a career of your interest with us (more relevant for career beginners or junior level positions).

Multiple Product / Service Sales, Direct Marketing Opportunities – earn more or according to your appetite, if you like Sales or find it rewarding as you go.


Is Fixed Pay available for everyone?

For people with experience in Sales, BD etc. or a superior breed, it is incentives based. Incentives are kept different and yet more attractive for this category.

If one does not understand or believe in the benefits or usefulness of the offering for certain audience, one should not work on it to ask someone to try / buy it. If you believe / understand, you should be confident to sell it to someone in the world. This is a thinking which can back an Incentives based model and may not be for everyone.

Again, we have “Effort cum Result” based model too to reiterate.


What Products, Services will i be Marketing Directly?

– Expertey.Net ‘Crowd Referral Campaign’ Offering.

– ‘Early Advantage’ Registartions by Businesses, Professionals for Multiple Lead Generation Means from our Platform (with 100% Money back Guarantee ).

– Other Tech / Software / Internet Products, Offerings.

– Services, Consulting Offerings.

We will guide, educate you on each offering. Will provide you Message / Email Scripts, Brochures, Resources and on the Process to Find Prospects or Target Audience. All you need is couple of hours time, Computer with Internet Connectivity (and your Smartphone).


What kind of People, Target Audience will i be reaching out to?

– Small Businesses.
– Independent Professionals.
– Companies, Organisations.


What will it take to do well in this job?

Result-Oriented-Ness, Working with a Goal of Generating Leads.

Sincerity, Working Dedicatedly in the time chosen and if necessary trying new ways or being creative.

Showing up, Doing Best in the Hrs you choose in Business Hrs.

Putting a Thinking Hat Every Day to Produce Outcome / Leads / Sales, reflecting Yesterday’s Experience.

Communicating, Proactiveness, Commitment..


How can one rock in the work from day 2 after the first warm up match / work and get best benefits & opportunities?

Solid Understanding of the Products, Offerings, Prospects – What it is, for whom it is!

Then being creative to reach the Prospects – call / WhatsApp / email / social media / online..

Working with a goal of getting response from Prospects, Engaging them to ask / enquire about the Product / Offering and getting their feedback, comments: why they would not consider such a solution / service / product, if they think so etc. or what will help them in their business challenges beyond Leads, Sales, Marketing etc,