Meaning, Purpose, Beyond Business
As People, as a Company or Business, anything we endeavour or will be, is undertaken carefully with an Uncompromising Purpose of Doing Good that goes way Beyond Business.

We look at Meaning, Purpose, Shared Prosperity, Greater Good & ‘Responsibleness’ first, in what we do and in our analyses – Business comes next to Realise, Sustain the Bigger Reasons of doing something. Our Crowd Backed Marketing & Inbox Platform or any endeavour of us, are and will be aligned with these Values and Philosophies.
Foundations, Causes

We support or will support, with 1% of revenue from each Referral Campaign launched on the Platform by Businesses, Professionals and Organisations.

1 buck from each 100 bucks Referral Reward Credit to Member InBox.

Through Platforms
Also streaming our contributions through Giving Platforms.

Suggest us an Impact Making Foundation, Charity / Philanthropic Initiative by dropping an email at [email protected].

Together We can Make Things Better!

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” I have known and worked with Deb ( founder ) for a short duration. However, in this short duration I found that he is on a voyage which has a plan to address the needs of the needy and he is trying to achieve this with innovative ideas and platforms.

He has a very strong urge to give back to society and this has occurred to him while pondering over “What is his Purpose of Life”. Very hard to find such people in contemporary world. I wish him good luck and would like ot be part of his initiative as well. “

Praveen Nune
Sr. Director, G2 Crowd