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Tell us about the need - what service / product, location of seeker, bit about the seeker without sharing 'identity' and your preferred reward model:

Lead Reward Cost ( less ) or Commission ( more ) on Business etc.

We share the Lead with relevant businesses, providers..
We broadcast the requirement to relevant service providers / businesses with your preferences and basic profile details per your privacy settings.
Review Interests recieved..
You are being notified of Interests from Service Providers / Businesses on your Lead and can view reward offers, messages from your InBox.

We will make sure businesses who expressed interest has the necessary credit with us or have done so before you go ahead and share more & 'Seeker Identifying' details.
Share 'Who' has the need & Connect with the parties as necessary..
Share 'Seeker Identifying' information with the entities you chose off the interests recieved. Communicate and stay updated as necessary - may be required in case of a 'Reward On Business or Conversion'.

We will mediate and assist both parties in troubleshooting disputes if any arise.


We get you covered by blocking agreed Minimum Reward Value before 'Seeker Identifying' info. is shared..

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