Expertey.Net Refferals Platform

Businesses need:

  • Reaching out to maximum possible target audience for their offerings.

  • Creating Awareness of their existence as Offering certain Services and / or Products that this audience may need or look for.

  • Generating Inquiries.

  • Converting an Inquriry to a Sale finally.

  • All Marketing Platforms, Channels, Solutions:

  • Cost proportionately more, the more outreach or visibility is needed.

  • Can not Guarantee either on Inquiries or on Conversions.

  • These models do not quite work for ‘Small Businesses’, ‘No-to-Lean’ Marketing Budgets or for entities with no dedicated ‘Marketing Professionals’.

    And rightly leveraging the plethora of platforms, channels, solutions, tools, tactics is a ‘Puzzle-to-Solve’ even for Teams or Businesses with Marketing Professional(s) on board.

    It needs a trial and error approach, needs time – human capital – cash burns – keeping pace with trends and new tools & toys.

    Expertey.Net Referral Platform
    seeks to address this Universal Problem to a fair degree, in an Extremely Cost-Effective way and ( more meaningfully ) Creating newer Earning & Work Opportunities for Society:

  • By inviting people to Refer ( mention, tell ) about Service Providers or Products, in their circles, when someone has a need.

  • By having businesses pay a Referral Reward if a sale happens, to the referrer, so that cost is incurred only when revenue is generated. And encouraging, reminding people to mention / refer in the right context.

  • By inviting people to Refer Leads ( someone’s look out of a service / product ) to businesses and getting paid.

  • By designing a Cost-friendly and Result-oriented model for Businesses, Independent Professionals to keep running a Referral Program.

  • By our Marketing Team leveraging other Platforms, Channels, Tools.. in the market, on the Business’s Behalf. Businesses get the best of different models, marketing means and extreme value for money for the cost of launching a Referral Campaign on Expertey.

  • It’s a Win-Win for Businesses and People / Society!

    Do drop us a mail at [email protected] with your questions, feedback, opinions on Expertey.Net Referral Marketing Platform. We would love to hear from you!

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